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Jared Cannonier – Calvin Gastelum: odds and forecast for the fight on August 22
The UFC APEX arena in Las Vegas is once again waiting for a bright event. In the state of Nevada on August 22, two opponents in the middleweight category up to 83.9 kg will meet in a duel. Two Americans Jared Cannonier and Kelvin Gastelum will decide which of them is worthy of the main award of the UFC Fight Night tournament.

What coefficients do bookmakers evaluate the fight with?

If you look at the coefficients that are already set in the BC, then Jared Cannonier will have a clear chance of the outcome of the fight. At the age of 37, the American fighter confidently took the fourth line in the rating table. Jared keeps the weight of 185 pounds since 2018 and fights in that weight category. The athlete takes part in mixed martial arts with the unique nickname "Killer Gorilla". His record in this weight is 3/1.

The bookmaker gives a coefficient of 1.63 for Cannonier's victory. Judging by the kef, the bookmaker has high hopes for Jared in the upcoming match. However, the fighter's opponent is no less serious. Gastelum took the ninth place in the rating table, but this does not mean that the fight will be predetermined in advance. An experienced fighter at the age of 29 took part in many difficult fights. Yes, the last fights for Kelvin were unsuccessful – one victory in five meetings, but this only speaks about the instability of the athlete. The coefficient for the victory of Gastelum is 2.18 and this is not so bad.
Characteristics of the fighters

Jared Cannonier, who has already crossed the threshold of thirty-seven years of age, began his career in the heavy weight category. No one could have imagined that Jared would seriously take up his reincarnation and after a while turn into a middleweight fighter. In the new weight category, Cannonier won the meeting with David Branch by knockout. A significant fight took place in 2018.

A promising fighter with the frightening nickname Gorilla Killer put in his piggy bank victories over Silva and Hermansson. In 2020, Jared could have won the championship title, but his dreams were destroyed by Robert Whittaker.

At the moment, the American fighter has 18 fights under his belt, of which 13 times he was able to win over the enemy. He spent five losing fights with extra-class opponents.

In the heavy weight category, the athlete was defeated by G. Teixeira, J. Blachovich, D. Reyes. Jared has been performing in the sports arena for about seven years, but it is still not possible to determine the level of his training.

The Killer Gorilla's height is 180 cm, while the arm span reaches a value of 197 cm. The athlete has an impressive striking tactics, great strength and power. Of the thirteen victories won, nine fights ended in a knockout. The athlete also experienced the knockout himself. Both times were received by an athlete in the heavyweight division. The American's shock range is not great, Jared practices on proven combinations. In the ring with Whittaker, the fighter, to the surprise of the fans, used a low vortrake. He expertly shortened the distance, without striking, to finish the meeting with the last point.

Calvin Gastelum has competed in the welterweight division in the past. The athlete is 29 years old. In two days, he will meet with a fighter who has competed in the heavyweight category in the past. However, according to external parameters, Kelvin looks like a strong guy, not particularly different from his opponent. With a height of 175 cm, he has a handspan of 182 cm. Of course, the athlete's height has a certain value, but Kelvin's long arms are able to break through dynamic direct blows. Gastelum uses a right-hand stand.

In the professional career of the athlete, 23 fights were held, where in 16 duels, the meetings ended with a clean victory. On the account of Kelvin's victory over R.Souza, M. Bisping, J. Heinisch, J. Hendrix, and T. Kennedy. The fighter was able to finish 12 fights in the ring ahead of schedule. When an athlete meets an opponent, he tries to use the knockout technique.

Forecasts for the meeting of the two favorites

The fight is expected to be full of interesting moments, but there are doubts about Kannonir's readiness for the meeting. The last victories of Jared were over opponents of average qualification. If there is a stronger fighter who showers Jared with a series of blows, then he can go into standby mode. However, if the athlete uses low-kicks, the situation may turn for the better. He works with his feet strongly and more confidently.

Gastelum knows how to hold kiki, and this is a serious argument in his favor. It is not necessary to take seriously the last defeats of the athlete, he is ready for this meeting. The level of combat in Gastelum is much higher than that of the opponent. The age difference also plays a significant role, and he exceeds Cannonier in technical skills.

The Result Is The Victory Of Calvin Gastelum
20-08-2021, 21:12