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Cyril Gan after defeating Derrick Lewis at UFC 265
We have already reported that the Frenchman Cyril Gan won the heavyweight title ahead of schedule today. His opponent was Derrick Lewis. Gan won the title of interim UFC champion. After the victory, comments followed. The winner spoke about his performance and drew the attention of the current champion Francis Ngannou.

Cyril said that he felt very strange. On the one hand, he is happy, and on the other, he feels sorry for Lewis. He had to lose in front of all his fans. Cyril also added that, despite the booing of the audience, he respects all the spectators and his opponent.

In addition, Gan believed that all the fans and spectators knew about his plans even before the fight began. The style of the fighter, indeed, does not change. He moves a lot and does all the necessary work quite gently. However, when the opponent was led, Gan admitted that he was angry, especially since all the coaches were shouting without stopping for a second.

The victory, according to the fighter, is the merit of the whole team. He believes that the championship belt should be divided between the coaches, the hall in which he is engaged, family, fans, friends and even between the whole country.

It is worth reminding readers that the fight between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gan took place as part of the UFC 265 tournament and became its key event. The fight took place at the Toyota Center arena in the town of Houston, which is located in the state of Texas, USA. Gan won in the third round by technical knockout.
8-08-2021, 17:56
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