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Dana White: "I never called Cyril Gan a boring fighter"
During a meeting with media representatives, where all attention was focused on the UFC 265 tournament, the head of the UFC, Dana White, outlined his position regarding the claim from the journalist who reproached him for allegedly perceiving Cyril Gan as a boring fighter. The journalist promoted the position that such actions discredit the fighter and demanded explanations from the head of the organization.

Dana White said that he never said that Cyril Gan is a boring fighter. The president of the organization assured that he does not adhere to such a point of view, therefore he fundamentally does not agree with the claim put forward against him by media representatives. He is firmly convinced that a fighter from France has his own unique fighting style, where the emphasis is on making fast movements, and Cyril Gan copes with this task 100%, despite his size and weight.

Gan's fight with Derrick Lewis is a vivid example of the fact that a fighter has everything necessary to win in the ring. During the fight, Gan surpassed his opponent in terms of the number of blows delivered, all the judges agreed with this. Cyril made a lot of punches, and his opponent limited himself to a few lunges. Lewis could not oppose anything to the superior maneuverability of Gan. The talent of the fighter does not cause any doubts. Therefore, according to the UFC director, the journalist's claim is unfounded.

The fight between Cyril Gan and Derrick Lewis took place on August 7, where the fighter from France won by technical knockout, the fight itself lasted only 3 rounds.
10-08-2021, 17:24
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