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Daniel Cormier: "Jones is the guy who will cause Ghana the most problems"

Daniel Cormier assesses the chances of Cyril Gan in the fight against Jon Jones. Daniel Cormier, a retired mixed martial artist, assessed the chances of heavyweight Cyril Gan in the upcoming fight with John Jones. In his opinion, for the Frenchman, the owner of the temporary title of the UFC champion, the 34 — year-old American is a serious test.

Daniel Cormier believes that the advantage of Jon Jones is in his experience of fighting in the light heavyweight division. The former owner of champion belts in two weight categories, also added that his compatriot had met strong opponents before.

Among these serious rivals was Daniel himself, who lost to John in 2015 and 2017, although the result of the last fight was annulled. The former UFC champion considers his strengths to be the ability to resist high-speed opponents who can work with their feet, and Cormier also notes Jones ' ability to see all corners of the court.

Daniel Cormier does not believe that Cyril Gan has a significant advantage due to the fact that the Frenchman is a heavyweight, and his opponent is a light heavyweight. Although he does not want to talk about the chances of winning John Jones, he just believes in his compatriot.
12-08-2021, 20:06
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