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Fernand Lopez turned to Francis Ngannou: "Remember who brought you to the UFC"
Fernand Lopez reproaches Francis Nganna for ingratitude. Francis Ngannou's former coach, Fernand Lopez, criticized the student and accused him of ingratitude. The ex-mentor of the current owner of the UFC heavyweight title was outraged that the elite fighter completely forgot the person who helped him to become a world MMA star.

Lopez reminded Ngann that they had worked together for five years, back in the days when no one knew about the future champion. According to the coach, sports training has always been free for Francis. However, most of all, the mentor is outraged that his student does not tell, thanks to whose help he got into the UFC.

Fernand Lopez reproaches Nganna that when asked how the fighter got into the UFC, he always answers, they say, he just went out to fight, he was noticed, and then an invitation was received. And not a word about the coach.

As Lopez says, the help to the fighter was not only in sports training. At the beginning of his career, when Ngannou did not yet have an impressive track record and won only the first victories, no one in the UFC considered him seriously, invitations to competitions were not received.

The coach of Cameroonian origin recalls that in order to change the situation and the career growth of the student, he had to use all personal connections. As a result, he presented a contract with the UFC as a birthday gift for Francis Ngannou. Although the fighter himself believed that the surprise that the mentor was talking about at the time could be a simulator.

It is not known how Ngannu will respond to the reproaches of ingratitude. Fernando Lopez can only hope that his help in becoming a UFC superstar will not be forgotten by his other student — Cyril Gunn, who took the interim title of champion in a duel with Derrick Lewis on August 7, 2021.
12-08-2021, 20:08
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