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The owners of the UFC told about the highest profit in their entire history
The investor organization Endeavor, which owns the UFC, has released a new financial report. According to the information shown, the first two quarters of 2021 became the most profitable half-year for the entire existence of the promotion.

In six months, the company received more than 1.1 billion US dollars. This is more than twice as much as the amount earned during the same time period last year.

The chairman of Endeavor, Ari Emanuel, spoke very fully about this. He said that despite all the problems that the coronavirus pandemic brought to the promotion, the company showed stable results. The reasons for success, in his opinion, lie in the huge portfolio of premium assets, as well as in the professionalism and serious joint efforts of partners and employees of the company. In addition, Emanuel reminded the media that in the first half of 2021, the UFC held three major events. The company was not only able to recoup them, but also set a new record for ticket sales for fights. These and other factors helped to make these 6 months the most profitable in the history of the UFC.

We remind you that this year two tournaments have already been held with the participation of McGregor. The organization has sold more than three million broadcasts during this time.
18-08-2021, 19:37
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