Frankie Edgar is confident that a victory over Corey Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 18 will ensure him the title of champion in the future » UFC Free Pass
Frankie Edgar is confident that a victory over Corey Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 18 will ensure him the title of champion in the future
Frankie Edgar's showdown with his ultralight rival, the aforementioned Corey Sandhagen, scheduled for February 6 in Las Vegas, will propel him to his next UFC title. The fight for the title will be a real highlight of the UFC tournament program, and for the winner it will be a great promotion on the career ladder in their category.

The 39-year-old Edgar became widely known after his debut in this category last August, defeating Pedro Munoz, which became one of the best and outstanding sports sensations of 2020. Edgar looked as tough, strong, and even dangerous in a way as he had when competing in the lightweight championships a decade ago. Of course, this is not a very impressive example, but still, it is worth paying tribute, as soon as he enters the octagon, Edgar causes a storm of emotions in the audience.
In the new category, after incessant training, Edgar is eager to get back in the ring and prove that he is rightfully the owner of the title. The opportunity will come next weekend, when his opponent will be Sandhagen, whose last October victory was the knockout of Marlon Morais.

” In my opinion, this fight can become the main confrontation of the contenders for the title in the category, "Edgar said in the new edition of the podcast "Very fast with Mike Swick". “He's in second place, I'm in third. Aljamain (Sterling) and Petr Yan have already been announced as contenders for the title, I think their fight will be on March 6, so now is the right time for our fight with Sandhagen. We'll fight a month earlier than these guys; we'll see what happens to them, and then hopefully the winner of our fight will be the winner of their fight."

Although Edgar is not a star of UFC competitions, for the first time in the last three years, he expects to win his first series of victories from 2016-2017. This is the longest break in his professional career and one of the fundamental reasons why Edgar moved to the ultralight category.

Fortunately, this transition of Edgar seems to be the best strategy of the athlete at this stage of his activity. Finally, he fights in his weight category, and the athlete has already shown that he is a legitimate candidate for the title in his new category, it remains only to win in one fight. It is now in the power of the "Answer" to eliminate any attempts by Sandhagen to get the title at the UFC Vegas 18 tournament and in the process prevent his claim to the UFC gold belt.
31-01-2021, 20:00
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