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Tony Ferguson has promised fans the "coolest and meanest "version of" El Cucuya " this year
The fifth number of lightweight UFC Tony Ferguson (25-5) spent the most unsuccessful year in 2020. In April, he would have liked to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, but the fight again did not take place due to the coronovirus pandemic. Then in May, Khabiba took aim at Justin Gatji, who dealt with Ferguson with amazing ease and got the full right to a title fight with the champion.

After that, Tony got a chance to regain his right by sharing the octagon with Charles Oliveira in December, but here again he was defeated by a unanimous decision.

Many fans called Ferguson the biggest failure of the past year, but in his instagram, "El Cucuy" promised to return.

"Noise pollution. I have completed all my tasks and am focused on my next task. Well, I put on my work boots and made 2020 my bitch. Forward to better business solutions and greater effort. Some chances have happened, others have failed, and I'm grateful for that. Not everyone has such conditions. Don't stop following your dreams. Be the change you want to see. Expect to see the biggest and toughest version of me in 2021! Look at it with different eyes. Know what's going to happen and put that plan into action, " Ferguson wrote on Instagram.

Despite the failures, Ferguson is still one of the top representatives of the lightweight division. Before losing to Justin, he was on a magnificent streak of twelve consecutive wins.
5-01-2021, 14:11
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